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                                STALLION SERVICE CONTRACT

Impulsive Invitation Fee $800.00

I hereby agree to breed the mare named below to the stallion
Impulsive Invitation for the 2016 season subject to the following conditions:

Name of Mare: _______________________________#_____________________

Sire: _______________________________________#______________________

Dam: ______________________________________#______________________

Mare owner agreed to pay a non-refundable booking fee of $400. payable
with this contract, and the unpaid balance of the stud fee is to be paid
when the mare is pronounced, by a licensed veterinarian, to be in foal.
The Stallion Service Fee is $800. payable in full before the mare
leaves the farm. A copy of front and back of registration papers must
accompany contract.

Board shall be at the rate of $10. per day.
All board and vet expensive will be paid monthly. The mare will not be released
to the owner until Stud fee, board, vet and any other charges incurred on behalf of the mare is paid in full.

Breeding season will be from 2/1/19 to 6/15/19
It is the mare owner’s understanding that Best Farms will not be
responsible for accident, sickness or death to the mare or colt.
Best Farms will exercise proper judgment in the care supervision of said animals.
The mare owner will not be responsible for accident or injury to stallion.
It is further agreed that Best Farms has the right to a veterinarian check
for breeding conditions and for the performance of such services as are
deemed necessary to settle the mare at the mare owner’s expense.
The mare owner will also have an up-to-date negative Coggins,
Within (12) months, accompany the mare. It would be to the mare owner’s
advantage to also have a negative culture if the mare is open.
Mare owner agrees to pay Best Farms $350. foaling fee if needed.
The mare owner will pay all vet fees incurred to the mare or foal.
It is also understood that Best Farms are not responsible for death,
injury or accident to the mare or foal.
Best Farms gives a "Live Foal Guarantee". Live foal is one that stands and nurses without assistance after foaling. In the event that a live foal is not obtained, then Mare Owner shall have the right to return the mare for rebreeding without paying an
additional breeding fee. Mare care, board, and other expenses shall, however, be the
responsibility of the Mare Owner.

Mare owner or authorized representative will complete and sign this contract, enclosed booking fee, and copy of registration papers and return them to Best Farms. It will be a binding contract on both parties subject to above Terms and conditions.

This contract is entered into the State of Michigan and will be interpreted and enforce under the laws of the State.

Approved: BEST FARMS

   Roberta Best


Mare Owner___________________________________

Address _______________________________________


Phone __________________________________



Signature of Mare Owner or Agent